Pizza Review
Cacciatore Pizza is open only 2 days a week. A big slice advertised as a "a slice the size of you head". It was a decent slice overall. The freshness of the ingredients was apparent. Minimal flop, and not overly greasy followed by a good amount of crunch. The only thing I thought lacked was the amount of sauce on my particular slice, which is too bad because the sauce that I did get was tasty. I also consider the score may be better had I ordered a full pie not a reheated slice but for full clarity this is not factored in my score as I must judge the slice that I received. This slice earned a 7.9 with great potential. That's a review. P. S. I ordered a calzone that was absolutely spectacular. It had a homemade gravy on it that was unique and delicious. (Should go without saying but this had zero factor in my review.)