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Wow, spectacular Neapolitan fancy pie. My favorite style pie, and served very crispy. Definitely my new favorite pie in West Chester. This reminds me of my top pie, Ravanesi. What separates this pie and Ravanesi from run of the mill Neapolitan style pies is that you can get a nice clean bite. This pie is crispy, not chewy like a typical fancy pizza. I could see some people complaining about the blackness on the crust of half the pie I got served, but that’s my shit. There’s a difference between dry pizza and crispy pizza, it’s that crunchy bite, wet sauce, and fresh cheese that make the distinction. You can take a bite of this pie, or pull a slice out of the pie, without losing all the cheese. That’s fresh. This place is an all-time date spot and classic Italian joint. The owner (assumed owner) said “This will be way better that those American pies they serve downtown.” Enough said. Bonus review: Focaccia Pizza, served with bread when you sit down for dinner. Unbelievable, great wet, tangy sauce, some garlic crumbs, and olive oil. 8.3

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