Pizza Review
Having watched countless Portnoy reviews, I had to get involved in reviewing myself. California Pizza is conveniently located near Drexel University, and more the less near thousands of students. Good hours, great service, they will go out of way to make your order just how you like it. One bite, everybody knows the rules. The pizza itself is very aesthetic, presentation and balance are great. Minimal flop, and the pie is cooked just right. Not too doughy, not too thin. Each slice is filling. What separates this pie from others is the sauce itself. It has that classic tomato sauce taste with herbs and spices. Not too much cheese to overload the sauce and crust. Crust has distinct crunch. Each bite is tasteful. Absolutely one of the best slices/pies I've had in a long time. Ask for light cheese/extra tomato sauce, you won't be disappointed.