Pizza Review
This is a cute little restaurant, our server was absolutely excellent very attentive. The pizza a lot less impressed. The undercarriage was a total flop. The toppings good. The sauce was bland. We ordered the pizza with meatballs and peppers and onions. I will note the menu had a disclaimer that they do not recommend more than two toppings on their pizza. We did order one of the pizzas right off the menu so it wasn’t our own concoction.And we all ate it but just thought it was OK and not something we have to rush back for. We also had a dessert pizza the s’more style calzone. We brought half of it home with us after we all tried it and I ended up just throwing That half away. So our one bite review would be a 5.9. We would go back but it’s definitely more gourmet style pizza than New York style pizza that we love.