Pizza Review
Looks like we have a couple of “fake accounts” giving reviews. The Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs account giving out high scores like it’s a giveaway… I’m here to temper expectations and to give you a realistic insight for pizza. I’ve had people call me out and that comes with the territory when you’re one of the top reviewers on this app. With that said, here we go… This pizza is averaging in the 8’s and to be honest, it’s close but not quite an 8. The slice I received was in the warming oven, no offer to re-deck the slice. It was warm but I like a piping hot slice. It’s a greasy slice but pepperoni was the only one available. The cheese is good, the sauce is well balanced but it was relatively floppy with no crispness in the slice. Re decking gives it a nice crunch. The crust has some crispness to it but overall it’s a decent slice but falls short of being great.