Pizza Review
I’m on the road locally for work and plan my Durham stops around lunchtime to go to Carmine’s. Excellent

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Pizza Review
💎HIDDEN GEM ALERT💎 Opened in 2002 but they’ve gained popularity by selling their frozen pizzas over the years in stores throughout Connecticut & a few nearby states. A true diamond in the rough, they claim their pizza is “thin crust New Haven style,” but it’s really more of a thicker football pizza cut into New Haven style slices. Since it’s not coal-fired, the char is minimal but the uniquely textured undercarriage is rather firm with a cracker-like consistency that separates this pie from standard football pizza dough. Mostly soft & lacking crisp, the dough is impressively tasty with a deliciously crunchy thickish crust. The magnificent texture & moderate char around the crust definitely leans more towards New Haven style. Despite a remarkably fresh mozzarella flavor, the cheese is overwhelmed by the excess oil emanating from the melting butter fat pooling in parts of the pie. Slightly less than manageable in areas, the grease gives off an orange glow & salty flavor, battling the taste of the mozz. While the consistency of the cheese is creamy, it’s harboring a bit too much oil, interrupting the flow of the flavor & texture. Also uniquely flavored, the sauce isn’t particularly sweet but has enough sweetness to combat the salty & savory taste inflicted by the gushing grease. Sensationally seasoned, the sauce has plenty of kick & punch giving it a distinct flavor that helps overpower the saltiness. Overall, there’s a lot to like with so many unique components but a few adjustments need to be made. Dial back the overflow of oil significantly & crisp up the bulk of the dough to send this score soaring into the upper 8s. As it stands, this just makes the travel-worthy cut, yielding quality New Haven style football pizza north of the pizza Mecca, a true sleeper spot with great potential.