Pizza Review
OK Micky, in this review I am straying from the path of pizza righteousness, committing a pizza review sin by willfully disobeying the cardinal rule set forth by the Prez himself. I am reviewing Casa De Pizza's "Brooklyn Pie" rather than the "Regulah" or the "Plain Slice". Every one knows the rule but I know that the Prez understands that sometimes rules need to be bent, broken and thrown out once in a while. I like to think of myself as a pizza purist. 42 reviews, all plain slices, but in this 43rd review I think of myself as a pure rebel, a radical thinker on a culinary level. So, all that being said. The reason I decided to review the Brooklyn slice is because it came highly recommended and Casa de Pizza has been in my wheel house for a while but I just haven't been able to make the connection on the review but today the stars and planets aligned and fate gave me the liberty to realize this slice of pizza destiny. No Screw that, I don't believe in fate, I believe in making things happen. Do you think Pizza just happens? No! it has to be made. By capable hands. And the hands that made this pizza are more than capable. This slice was excellent. The crispiness of the buttery crust and fresh tomato and basil taste blend together perfectly with every bite. The mozzarella is even and soft. I enjoyed this thoroughly. Do yourself a favor when at Casa skip the "regulah" and go for the Brooklyn! That's a review.