Pizza Review
Alright Frankie I’ve grown up in Jersey my whole life. Had a ton of phenomenal pies. This takes the top prize for me so far. It’s got good tang, not too much cheese and not a ton of grease. The perfect crunch and crust. These guys have it down to a science. They cook it half the time in the wood burning stove and the other have in the oven for that extra crisp cooked just right. I highly recommend going here whether your over an hour away or only 20 minutes. When you go, you absolutely cannot stop here without getting the Nona Slice. It’s a square pie that the owner doesn’t make too much of, but it’s the single best piece of pizza I’ve ever had. The regular slice is a 9.1 and the Nona is easily a 9.5 for me, carrying all the perfect flavors and crunch you could ask for in a slice. Total score for Casa D Pizza 9.3 and once again, highly recommend. That’s a review!