Pizza Review
Perfect score for floppiness. Excellent char on crust. Good amount of cheese but grease was crossing into excessive territory. Could have used more sauce but overall good pie. That’s a review!

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Pizza Review
Ok Georgia you got me. You got me good. You proved me wrong. I don’t know how you did it, but you did it. You actually have a good pizzeria. It’s also not just good, it’s amazing. I am shook at what just happened. This place, there’s something about it. It’s as if I entered a wormhole into the suburbia of New York and exited out on the south side of the Mason Dixon. When I walked into this place, I had good New York Pizzeria vibes. The music was on point and the decor wasn’t too much. It was perfect. To start off with the pizza, the crust ratio at the end of the pie is perfect. The crust had a nice charred flavor to it and it wasn’t too doughy nor too crunchy. It was perfect and it had some residual flour on it too that I always love. My only complaint is that at times, it tasted slightly stale but very slightly. Still, they got some very good crust. The cheese to sauce ratio was perfect which is very hard to come by around here. The cheese had an extraordinary flavor and it didn’t create that soupy contraption that happens with the sauce. It was perfectly melted. The sauce was above average in my opinion and you could actually taste it. This place has exceeded my expectations and I applaud you for that. I can tell the owner knows what he is doing and thank you very much for making my day today. You should be known as the standard for other pizzerias down South and even some Pizzerias in New York should hear what you have to say. You are that good! Go eat some pizza.
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