Pizza Review
So I’ve been here once before years ago with a group of coworkers. I remember the pizza being decent but it didn’t blow me away at the time. The thing is that we just got the regular pizza. I’m familiar with the hype that surrounds this place and since I was driving by today I decided to take a look at the reviews on the one bite app. Everyone was ranting and raving about the sauce on top pizza which usually not my style but I decided I had to give to try. So I walk in and I requested just one slice and the guy behind the counter replied “Just One???” I get my slice and looks good. Crust is nice and crispy, cheese even had some visible browning which I like. The pizza was excellent. I was shocked how much I liked it. Cheese was super flavorful and salty with a great chew. The sauce has a strong tangy taste. The balance of flavors (which I think usually gets thrown off with sauce on top) was perfect. Probably would be even better with a fresh pie out of the oven. After finishing my slice, I decided I had to have another. As I approached the counter the gentleman behind said “you want another slice don’t you, I knew you were going to want another slice. Have a seat and I’ll bring it right out. 😂😂😂 All the Staff was also very friendly. Highly recommend 👌🏼👌🏼