Pizza Review
Alright.... so this is a monumental Pizza review. I’ve been meaning to get out to Charlie’s...but opening at 4PM and being far away from my general location...I wasn’t able to get here sooner. The hype was real....and the pizza is legit. Let’s go through it.... CASH only...NO slices...Limited hours... it all screams of a great pizza spot...and it IS. I drove a ways to pick it up...and literally had to re-heat it at home. Guess what... it doesn’t matter. Literally no grease, excellent cheese, excellent sauce, excellent crust. Paper thin, great balance. Ladies and gentleman...this is the best slice in/around the Northeast and maybe beyond. No BS. It’s not “fancy” Fishtown won’t find fresh basil, etc here. This is just hardcore, generational Pizza. Over 120 reviews...never awarded a slice in the 9’s...but now is the time. Charlie’s is a must visit if you’re ever in/around Northeast Philadelphia. That’s a review...a big one.