Pizza Review
🔔PHILLY’s FINEST ALERT🔔 For a city not really known for their pizza, there are few foods here that will make me forgo a cheesesteak; this spectacular pizza is one of them. Coming into the review with bridled enthusiasm, this pie blew away my mild expectations. I opted for the circle over the square cause that’s more my style and I didn’t regret it one bit. This turned out to be a texture meets taste extravaganza. The dough is solidly firm, minimal flop, unbelievable undercarriage with a tantalizingly tasty smokey flavor generated by the great char. This leads to a light & airy, otherworldly, exquisitely crispy and crunchy crust, the super star of the pie. I’ve never looked more forward to getting to the bottom of a slice in my life. I wish the rest of the pie was as crispy as the crust. The cheese blend is tight with fantastic sharp flavor, complimenting the dough perfectly with plenty of bite, enhanced by the shredded parm or pecorino Romano sprinkled on top. The sauce is thick and tangy, zesty with plenty of zip, lacking in sweetness and signature taste but packed with flavor. Not quite as tasty as the dough and cheese but high quality nonetheless. All of the ingredients work in perfect harmony, accentuated by the elite crispness of the crust. I’m not sure about the squares; but I can vouch for the circles as must-try pizza. If you’re looking to place an order, you have to do it online because they don’t have any phones at this joint. Then, in typical peak pandemic process pizza ordering, you can pick up your pie at the takeout window when they text you it’s ready. All in all, these sensational slices are worth making a pilgrimage to Philly for; just try not to fill up on soft pretzels and cheesesteaks while you’re there.