Pizza Review
Alright Frankie we are at City South Pizza in Brampton (review time March 2nd 8pm)... we think that we have already reviewed city south on hurontario Street and it was just an awful pizza there was a multiblend cheese thing going on , very Indian inspired and it wasn’t a tasty pizza... we gave it a 3.4.... and we got that vibe when we walked into this franchise location of city south as well ... it was also a very Indian vibe and we were sceptical on whether or not we were going to get a good Italian pizza? one bite everyone knows the rules —> it wasn’t as bad as the other franchise... this was very much a football pizza. We were sceptical when we first looked at it because it gave off a microwave (almost frozen pizza type) vibe but once we started eating it? it was actually quite tasty and the Sauce had a little sweetness to it ... And the cheese was not salty and usually when it’s a cheaper pie thè Pie cheese suffers .... but all in all this wasn’t that bad.... there was barely any undercarriage char .... it did have major flop and zero crisp on the crust ... ( some would call it cheesie bread pizza - we wouldn’t - some would - we wouldn’t) we judge the pizzas extremely honestly and we score of them 1 to 10 / one bite / everyone knows the rules / bite it / score it -> 1 thru 10 -> this location of city south pizza is marginally better than the one on hurontario street—> for this franchise here we’re definitely going to go with a 4.7 on this pizza (professional score) it’s a good honest score for a good honest pizza joint as we wrap up our west end pizza review tour and especially for Brampton we have definitely exhausted every pizza place that we can find and there is really no more pizza places for us to review out in the West End here so we definitely take our reviews seriously and we stand by our Brampton scores.....(you’re welcome) Gusto pizzeria 7.1 City south 3.4 That italian place 8.1 Mackay 6.1 Pomodoro 6.2 Grabba Pizza 3.2 Tony and Jim’s 5.1 RICs Pizza 0.5 Tonino’s 7.7 Za pizza 7.2 Pizza Fiamma 1.7 Joes pizzeria 6.9 Molisana 7.8 J. Red&CO 5.3 Pizza Hut 5.2 Dominos 4.3 Fanzorellis 7.2 SAN Fransisco 6.3 Popular Pizza 3.1 Pizzanini 5.1 RICs Pizza 0.5 Pizza Pizza 2.9 Pizza Depot 4.2 Venezia Pizza 5.7 Pizza nova 0.7 ....................And this location of City South Pizza ——> 4.7——> That’s a review!