Pizza Review
Ouch. I wanted to like it, needed to like it and it looked like I would like it. No, really. It did. One Bite pics proved this would be a thinny. A nice looking, thin, tight pie. And it was. All of that. But when set in front of me I realized that I ordered half pepperoni and the waitress put in for a full pepperoni pizza. She quickly realized the mistake on her own and said she have them make me another one? Well, after a 350 mile drive and another 35 minutes waiting for the darn thing, I said no, I’ll take this one. While I do like some grease, this pie and the pizza oven wooden thingy were splattered in grease. The extra pep contributed to that but this pie had some other things that don’t appeal to me. The signature sauce is sugary sweet with little spice. The dough was tasteless, and to me, the “homemade” mozzarella cheese was bland ….. very little flavor, and paper thin. Call it a bad day (they were slammed), call it a chain restaurant, or just call it a pizza I don’t care for, I had to rate with my tongue 👅and not with my heart ❤️ …. Their menu looks really good. Their pizzas are not.

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