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They claim this is New York style pizza at the beach. It’s definitely not boardwalk style and the only thing New York about it is its similarity to dollar slice quality pizza in NYC. Not sure how much anyone cares, but they use naturally leavened dough and non-GMO organic flours. Despite those factors, the dough is super soft, thickish, generic tasting, with nothing remotely crispy about it and a burnt undercarriage to boot. Evidently they use a blend of Wisconsin cheeses, sloshing around in a pool of grease & oil, and a nauseatingly thick amount; entirely too much cheese dripping with a ridiculous geyser of grease. And even though they claim to use San Marzano tomatoes, the sauce is completely watered down, impossible to distinguish flavor from the vat of oil soaking the entire pie. This pizza is so salty, you need 2 bottles of water for each slice. You can’t even call this drunk pizza considering a pie is almost $20. This is overpriced, horrific, undesirable pizza in a less than desirable area of Miami Beach. I know good pizza in Florida is few and far between, but steer clear of this joint; there are better spots than this. A 6.2 overall rating is multo generoso.

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