Pizza Review
🍺BEST BAR PIE ALERT🍺 We’re talking elite level bar pies here, quite possibly the best in NJ & entire Tri-State Area. Among other bar pies, it rates in the 9s but on the universal pizza scale, I can’t put it on the same level as the best regular pies. Made with a special pizza box oven, these pies are cooked to thin, crispy perfection. They use Double 00 flour, so there is no moisture or sogginess in the dough. A light dusting of semolina bread crumbs on the undercarriage helps the dough maintain its crispness. Unlike some of the other “cracker-like” popular bar pies such as Pete & Elda’s,” this tastes more like thin pizza dough and less like a water cracker. Very light and very simple ingredients amount to big taste. The cheese is incredibly tight and firmly well done, with a nice hint of sharp bite from the mozzarella. The sauce isn’t complex but has tremendous kick. It’s well balanced with the cheese considering how thin the pie is and aided by the olive oil, oregano & Parmesan atop the pizza. This really is the thinnest of the thin bar pie style pizzas and some of the best crispy crust around. Overall, a truly simple and delicious pie, quite possibly the gold standard among all bar pies.