Pizza Review
Real nice hometown feel to the Columbia Inn. Met up with another pizza loving connoisseur buddy of mine. We go way back rating pizza, before Davey boy was weened off his bot bot . 👶🏼🍼 We liked the thinness and how light it was. It’s an “easy to devour the whole thing when you’re hungry” type of pizza, for sure. Very tasty pizza pie. Sauce is excellent and cheese pretty decent. It was so light and so good, we decided we could consume two whole pizzas. And that’s where I discovered my rating basis. While thin is good, and oh yeah it was firm (no flop), it also contributes to a teensy weenzie bit ‘o dryness. I’d have been right up there with David Portnoy and the national average if not for that. 🍕Really good pie🍕Worth the drive🍕A solid 8.0+, but I am being fair and honest at an 8.22012 from this guy🍕Suggestion: if your a half pep guy like me, on this particular pizza, do not add it. Just get the plain pizza. It has a reverse affect with the cheese. It’s competing. And we can’t have that. 😳😵‍💫🤪