Pizza Review
While the Costco I got my pie from was in Virginia as opposed to Jersey, I can safely say Dave missed by a mile on this one. Now don’t get me wrong, I can understand how one could not be a fan of Costco’s pizza. What I can’t fathom is how you give Costco a 1.9 while giving Chuck-E-Cheese a 6. With all that being said, Costco pizza has the flavor and the cheesey deliciousness we all want from a solid pie. The undercarriage however is pretty much an atrocity. It’s floppy, cardboardy and one mess of a slice. Very Little Caesar’s-esque in taste with a lot more sog and flop underneath. Be that as it may, the flavor you get from the cheese and sauce is surprising for a Wholesale store like Costco. While it isn’t anything special, I’d definitely eat Costco pizza again, especially during football season as this is quintessential football pizza. It’s solid pizza and that’s not something I think should be considered a hot take. 6.7 lock it in.