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Pizza Review
I really wanted to give this place a higher score because I really appreciate what they are trying to do here. This place was a convenience store for years then was sold 2 times in a span of less then 10 years before finally closing and sitting empty for a few years. It’s located on a main road but in a rural area and it’s in a hard to get to spot depending on which way you are headed on the road so it’s a place most people drive right by. All that being said the pizza is pretty bad there’s no way around it. The edge of the crust had a nice crisp but the inside was soggy and mushy. I basically had to scoop the middle of the pizza off the box with a spoon. The crust is alright but not great and personally I’m not a fan of the garlic butter they put on it. The sauce is bad it tastes like the cheapest canned sauce you can find in the grocery store with no extra spices added. The cheese tastes pretty low quality too I’d say it’s a step up from kraft but just barely. The pepperoni isn’t anything special which honestly pepperoni rarely is special even from some of the best pizza places. I like the people and I really like what they are trying to do here, it’s cool of them to open a spot in a small area like this but the pizza needs work. I really wanted to be nice and go 3.2 but I couldn’t even bring myself to go that high the pizza is just that mediocre. If they find a better crust and sauce and stop trying to be papa johns with the garlic butter and pepperoncini then this could be a good pizza but as is I gotta keep it real and hit them with a 2.8.