Pizza Review
I thought I would give a pizza place in New Orleans a try and a review. I checked out a few reviews and this was the closest pizza joint to the place I was staying in New Orleans. Facebook gave it 4.9 stars and Google's rating was a 4.3. I gave it a 3.5. They are open from 11am-6am. Long hours. I wanted to try Pizza Delicious, but I didn't have enough time to go there. I went to the local spot on Bourbon Street as soon as they opened. The spot is designed to grab pizza and go. There is very little seating. They have about 8 different styles of pizza to choose from. They had options for meat lovers and vegetarians. To be fair, I tried a slice of cheese and a slice of pepperoni. We didn't have to wait long on the food. The man working was doing it all. He was multitasking. He took orders. He put all the orders in the oven. He also served as a cashier. I think they have more staffing throughout the day, but he did the best he could to make it work. When we sit down to eat, it was crowded and there are only about 8 chairs and small counters to sit at when dining in. The pizza tasted good, but not great. It tasted like a pizza I have had before, but I couldn't pinpoint which one. It was New York style. One slice of cheese wasn't enough to fill me up. I went back to try the pepperoni. I ended up liking the cheese better. Soft drinks were in cans and they had a few beers on tap. The menu was in the form of a chalkboard. The man working was friendly, even though he had a lot going on around him. I think this place would be served best after a long day or night on Bourbon Street and you want to grab something and go home. I would definitely go back to this spot, but wouldn't recommend it among the best places I've ever been. I enjoyed the vibe. Although when I sat down there was no music and then about halfway through they blasted music so loud that it could hurt your ears. It drowned out a lot of noise, but I couldn't hear the person sitting next to me. I visited the bathroom and it was disgusting. I turned around and went somewhere else. It smelled awful. Apparently, the women's bathroom was worse and the sink was hanging of the wall. That was the most disturbing thing about this place because the front looked clean. Next time, I'll use this spot for its purpose. Grab and go