Pizza Review
This review isn’t for Crispy Basil. Fuck Crispy Basil. This review is for Via Fresca across the street. They aren’t on the app, and it’s bullshit because they have great pizza. I’m talking about their circular pie. Their square is way too heavy and dense, but their circle pie is great. I got one last year with my main pizza pal Dan, and that pizza was easily an 8 especially for being this close to Albany. Albany might be the Capital of New York but it’s the Butthole of pizza. The one I got today was a little bit greasy. I told them to go light on the cheese but they still didn’t go light enough or the grease wouldn’t of been an issue. They need to incorporate a mix of part skim and whole milk mozz. They are definitely using if not 100% Whole Milk Mozz, very close to it. The dough though… damnit the dough is great. It’s definitely fermented for a couple days. I make pizza myself, so I know the taste fermenting your dough can give you and this is it. As for their finished product, it’s thin, it’s kind of on the crispy side (less cheese is better people), and the sauce isn’t bad either. Their sauce kind of reminds me of something my Italian/Polish Grandmother would make. Very old world tasting. Simple, smooth, not pastey, not sweet, not loaded with a shit pile of italian seasoning… just very good.