Pizza Review
Man!! I wanted to LOVE this pizza. I made the huge mistake of grabbing lunch at Lelo’s (skiiiipppppp!!!) so I was really hoping for a nice rebound pie. Cool joint, total UVA student hangout, but not infested with the pretentious clientele so prevalent in this town (what a shame, sorry Mr Jefferson) barkeep a bit snooty but that’s fine. Anyway, about the pizza. I felt confident enough that I didn’t need to order a wild topping (they love ghost peppers here apparently) pizza so I got the “Capone” a simple pizza with tomato sauce, sliced tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. One word immediately came to mind BLAND, holy COW bland. No flavor in the sauce, no flavor in the crust, minimal flavor in the toppings. It was all just texture. Crunchy crust but tasted overworked. No salty component. The sauce was just SO disappointing. I was sure this would be a really good pizza. Maybe try the more wild varieties? If that’s not your thing, maybe just come enjoy the environment.