Pizza Review
Ok, Frankie.. D’Angelo’s is located in the Riviera section off town. It is a cute little Italian place that was pretty full at lunch time. They have a full bar and a very nice staff. I liked the ambience of the place! I ordered my go to Pepperoni and bell pepper pizza. I shared it with the painters who are doing my house. Unlike several pizzas places in town D’Angelo’s serves a lighter crust although it is still not thin crust by any means. It was not crispy but relatively soft and slightly doughy in the center.. it was your typical California style pizza from that standpoint. The sauces was slightly tangy and a little bit sweet. I really liked it! It stood out as compared to the bland sauces I have had in the Tri-State area. Toppings were generous and fresh. I could actually taste the pepperoni! The cheese was good quality and not greasy. This is probably the best pizza I’ve had in the BHC / Laughlin area. With that said, it does not compare with a true NY or east coast pizza. I would definite have it again given the choices in the area that I have tried thus far.