Sorry for the crappy quality my camera guy records with a potato haha I’m having El Pres camera issues like when he was in Nantucket.. but great pizza fresh plain slice made for us #VivaLaStool 8.1 that’s the review
Pizza Review
Eye test- the numerous store pies look even better. Those pictured here look good. Interesting selection of slices visually Ratio- poor in plain due to lack of sauce. Margherita and tomato pie perfect Execution- plain slice is weak. No sauce and doughy crust destroy the excellent, subtle cheese with a perfect chew. The tomato pie and margherita are utterly spectacular Dough- weak on all three. Lacks crisp and a tad doughy. It’s not clear if the challenge is the ingredients or inability to bake the pie properly. On the margherita and tomato pie it can be overlooked because they are so good. Cheese- out of this world in the margherita. One of the most delicious, compelling cheese taste combinations ever. Incredible. On the tomato pie very subtle to let the sauce be the star. Perfect texture and the quality jumps out. On the plain slice the flavor is in the middle. Tasty but not a strong taste. Quality is clear as day. Awesome. Sauce- none on the plain so a real fail bomb. In margherita and tomato pie just incredible. Sweet, no tang, and beautiful. Margherita- 8.6. Cheese and sauce combine for a stellar combination. Travel worthy Tomato pie- more subtle and a bit less flavor. Refreshing and light. Travel worthy. 8.5 Plain- 6.1. If you want plain insist on heavy sauce and we’ll done. Best bet is to avoid and try something else from a fun selection of pie choices Charles Dickens said, “Happiness and peace are noble aims. Fame and riches are often loaded with heartache and unwanted complexity, confusion and trouble.” This gem is simply wonderful. No tables for indoor dining and a sushi restaurant inside that makes zero sense adding to the oddball charm. An absolute must if in the area. Unlike most places, multiple slice selections are an imperative! Too many fun types to pass up. I only go for plain generally. That makes no sense here. Break the plain slice mold and go crazy
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