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Pizza Review
Highly anticipated review here friends. Delmar Pizza has consistently been voted the “best pizza on the eastern shore” for however many years running. I was shocked to download this app and see it rated at a dismal 3.5. Must have been someone with French ancestry. The truth is this pizza is far from a 3.5 - but best pizza on the shore? Also false. The good: Crispy crust is a must for a good score. Also, Delmar Pizza is consistent in shelling out the freshest ingredients that I have had in recent memory. Great cheese to sauce ratio. Both had great flavor, unfortunately that’s not the sole criteria these reviews are about. Also, if you’re into lots of toppings like my fiancé - they won’t leave you disappointed. The bad: Too much flop, doughy crust, and lack of flavor in the crust. For being so compact in stature I didn’t expect such immense flop. Imagine having to lay out (@SCtop10) to catch the cheese and toppings in your mouth before they hit the floor. For those of you who like deep dish style pizzas this may be the pie for you, but last I checked we aren’t anywhere near Chicago here in God’s Country. With a wood and/or coal fired oven this pizza would easily be 7-8 range... the conventional oven is likely the downfall of the crust. My last review stated Pizza Pi was the best pizza establishment in Delmar... I am going back on my word. This place is a notch better. Side note: For anyone not looking solely for pizza you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. Overall great eatery and community staple.