Pizza Review
This is Denino’s just off Bleecker Street. Been here since the 40s and a really traditional lovely restaurant. Very friendly staff, they gave me postcards and asked me though the making of the pizza. I also stumbled across a nyc pizza tour going on so got to listen in for free, which was awesome. This is perhaps the best looking pie I’ve ever had in terms of presentation; it just looks beautiful and I felt bad spoiling such an attractive view (but not that bad!). In terms of taste the cheese was plentiful and chewy. Slight flop in the fold but relatively crispy and piping hot, straight out of the oven. The cheese potentially overpowered the sauce. In the bites where it came through there was a gutsy tomato flavour, again, quite a bit flavour. Overall I just found that cheese too heavy, although it smacked of old New York. You can’t get these style pizzas anywhere else and I’d travel many a mile to have another one. 8.6. Take a little cheese off and you’d have a 9 or upwards. Definitely worth checking out though, and the music and atmosphere is superb.