Pizza Review
Ok Frankie we are at Pizza Descendant Detroit Style Pizza (review time March 20th 8:30pm)... Looking to trying this pizza for a while now and we have tried the Saint Islands deep dish Detroit style Pizza and we’ve also tried the 8 Mile Detroit Style pizza (where the 8 mile pizza had the little tomatoes on top that were not made of the same sauce in the pie and therefore it lost a point and it went from a 7.4 to 6.4) and the other Detroit Pizza we tried in Toronto was Saint Islands Detroit Pie’s and that one had a coconut flavour and it wasn’t bad ... but in the end it really only got a 6.1 and there was no real story to go along with it (like 8mile has a story why it got a 6.4 —> because in reality it was just an awesome pie ... AND in a world where an 8 is a 10.... then.... 8mile is a 7.4 ....) so here we are today to try Pizza Descendant Detroit Style Pizza .... where they Start with a thick, chewy Sicilian crust with plenty of cheese that stretches all the way to the edge and Drizzled on layer of their signature red sauce that trickles through the bubbling cheese... and Frankie let me tell you WE just had a Sicilian pizza at Libretto Pizzeria that we gave a 8.9 so we might be spoiled ... ok one bite everyone knows the rules ... Pizza Descendant Detroit Style Pie has a nice fresh stringy cheese with a sweet sauce with an edge made up of that perfect crisco baked crust complimented with Sauce so sweet with a mild kick and the yeah ... undercarriage had a perfect crisco char .... in true Detroit style it did have zero flop ... ( some would call it greasy deep dish Frankie - We wouldn’t - some would so we wouldn’t) we score em’ 1 to 10 / one bite / everyone knows the rules / bite it / score it -> 1 thru 10 -> this is a great pizza —> 8.8 on this pie (professional score) -> we finished the entire pie and we will be back ... and Frankie if they called this a Sicilian? We would’ve believed them ... it took 1 hour to get this pie and the line up outside let’s you know who is the motherfuckin boss of Detroit Pizza in Toronto ☝️Say it !! Pizza Descendant Detroit Style Pizza!!!! 8.8 ... it’s in the area of Libretto (and that is rare mutherfuckn rare air in the realm of pizza royalty like Libretto... here in Toronto) Pizza Descendant Detroit Style Pizza is a 8.8 & that’s a review! We will be back 💯