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Alright Di Fara this is what the pizza game is about. A legendary slide. A big ego slice. By that I mean, Dom DeMarco when he was alive, he made a fortune, and he could had stopped making pizzas a long time ago. But he continued because it would be like telling Jordan to put down the rock in the late 90s, it would be like telling Mantle to ride the bench in the early 60s, it would be cutting out most of Robert DeNiro’s scenes in Goodfellas, it would be pulling the chord out of Carlin’s Microphone in the mid 90s. DOM DEMARCO Di Fara is GREATNESS! His son Dom Jr. carry’s on his legacy. The Siciliano slice is the best slice I ever fucking had and I had them all over the world. Go down to Avenue J, ask ppl if they know who Dom DeMarco is. You’ll be surprised to learn that a lot of them know.

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