Pizza Review
Di Molas is the gem in a county devoid of standout pizza....And it has been for many years. There are three things that make up a pizza and to give a fair review we'll take a look at those. Cheese - Probably the best part of their pies. Definitely whole milk. Has a nice sheen but not greasy. The quality is the best around. Dough - a tale of two doughs. The dough under the pie is soft like KFC's unit after the wife caught on. I could use it a bit crunchier, but it's still good. But the outside crust itself has a great crunch. Another great element to their pies. Sauce - nothing crazy but flavorful with just the right amount of dry oregano. Maybe a smidge more than other places, but in a pleasurable way. I've been going to this place every since I first moved to this god awful county. Good pizza is hard to find like a good divorce lawyer (ask KFC). My fat booty has had plenty of pizza and this is the best one around.