Pizza Review
One Bite Everyone Knows The Rules........ This is my pizza rating for Glen Dale, Di Carlos in Moundsville. This is the best pizza in the world and if you disagree with me you’re wrong. Whoever opened Patsy’s Pizza and claimed it was better than Di Carlos is definitely a cunt. (Sorry I know that may offend some people but I don’t care. You suck.) Anyways back to this delicious squared crunchy delicious crust with the delicious homemade sauce that would make any man cry tears of joy added with the fresh mozzarella and the thick sliced pepperoni. This is it I struck gold. This will be the only 10 I ever give. Thank you Di Carlos Pizza for blessing my taste buds with the best pizza ever created. Ps Also again Patsy’s Pizza sucks! It should be shut down. It feels like you’re biting into a brick.