Pizza Review
Ok, so I ordered to go and ate in 5 mins from leaving at home. If you’re comparing this to FL pizza, it’s up there, like Papa John’s or some shit. However, if you’re comparing against tri-state pizza, it’s bottom half of any bracket. Under cooked, slightly doughy, soupy in middle and it’s $22. Crust was acceptable. For Florida that’s expensive. Was expecting to get a blowie by the ratings, and it falls way short. Minus points for 1) clientele is slightly douchey and was recommended meatballs which are way too salty to even choke down. Overall, best I can do is 6/7 and that’s giving them the benefit of the doubt. Seemed like really nice people that work there. Not something to travel to. Not something to get your hopes up. If $14, I’d be happy. At $22, I’d expect so much more.