Pizza Review
Alright Frankie, we're at DOC in Carlton, on the corner of ... where are we? Corner of Drummond? Drummond and ... ?? Drummond and Faraday? Faraday street?? ... anyway, we're talking one of Melbourne's premier pies. One bite everybody knows the rules. A real date spot. You got a girlfriend, maybe a tinder date. Bring here here, Very Italian. Very cultured. All the staff ... straight off the boat from Italy. If you dont like noise. Dont sit upstairs. It's like a room full of 15 year olds watching Magic Mike. Can't hear myself eat! The pie - met expectations. Crust was perfect, cheese a mixture of melted and cold, and the sauce was on point as well. Could have been a bit tangier, but that's just nitpicking. Light pizza, if you could see my feet, you'd see me dancing! One bite everybody knows the rules ... 8 ... point 4. Was going to go 8.1 flip it, 18, 2018 year of the magpies. Wouldn't do it justice though. 8.4 that's a review!