Pizza Review
No slices available, the smallest pizza they have is called “the mini”... Almost $10 for this “mini” pizza. Only one other review on here and he gave it a 6.9. He must of been horny, not hungry. I was literally the only one there, this pizza looked great coming out of the oven. How bad could it be? The place has a new kitchen with brand new pizza ovens. The sauce is definitely one of the worst that I’ve had. It tastes like it came out of a Spaghetti-O’s can. They tried going for a sweet sauce but fell short. The dough is bad, very bad. It was overcooked and not crispy on the bottom. I’ve had frozen pizza better than this. The cheese had a little bit of flavor but pretty standard. I’m not exaggerating here, I really want to like this pizza but it needs a complete overhaul.