Pizza Review
Alright Frankie...... so apparently this place is owned by the same guy Dom at DiFara in Brooklyn which scored a 9.4 from Daddy Dave Portnoy. Anyway been here a few times before and never was able to make a review! So this pizza I got half with the things I enjoy but I scored the Cheese Slice only!! So this pie was floppy very unusual for Demarcos from my experience. Sauce was great but the cheese wasn’t doing it for me today. Didn’t get that crisp I enjoy from the crust at all! I’m gonna have to give this a 6.9 for today. Major Potential and I have had a pizza from here in the 8s once before! Man really a bummer today honestly but all depends on the chef at the oven. So a 6.9 very enjoyable pie but not quite as valid as I had hoped! Happens tho 69 with some potential still an enjoyable time.

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