Pizza Review
I have had conflicting thoughts on reviewing Domino’s. It’s like reviewing a Big Mac, we have all had one and no matter where it’s ordered, it’s essentially the same. The top picture is Domino’s “hand tossed” style pizza. Yes, they do roll out their dough but somehow within the transparency of corporate standards, the end result is the same and you can’t tell the difference. The sauce has a can flavor that reminds you of your childhood canned ravioli. The cheese is real, of course, but the flavor from the sauce dominates almost all of this until you hit the crust. The crust is great, it’s seasoned with parmesan, oregano and garlic. It’s slightly crispy and it’s unfortunate the bottom wasn’t as crispy. This pie is a 6.1 The bottom is their “thin” pizza and it’s just like their “hand tossed”‘style with less sauce (that’s a good thing) and a crispy pastry like crust. It’s missing a lot and the wafer like crust isn’t for me. It gets a 5.1 from me. In the end, I’m not averaging these scores out. I’ll base it on the “hand tossed” style as it’s more than likely the popular option. It’s certainly better than Papa John’s but can easily be passed.