Pizza Review
Extreme wolf 🐺 NY 🏙️ City non-pedigreed lowly rated pizza alert You could argue having been to Times Square tonight I could do better, however, Manhattan pizza is profoundly overrated, so I can go anywhere. So Happy Juneteenth, and thanks to Living Colour for a great show, let’s get to it… Ratio - perfect, zero issue Execution- perfect baking, reasonable taste Dough- incredibly, for a dump, really good. I don’t get it. They can’t possibly make it fresh. Perfect taste and crunch. The tiniest hint of salt. Rarely is dough good. This is quite nice Sauce- adequate. No sweetness, a bit of hotness from red pepper, but not super high quality. Maybe a hair below average. Too much oregano Cheese- perfect chew, but extremely standard football pizza mix of cheese that is very neutral in taste MLK said… and was repeated in Living Colour’s Cult of Personality… “We’re going to talk right down to earth, in a language that everyone here can easily understand.” So to keep it simple, this is as good as you’ll find in non-pedigreed, average Manhattan pizza. Nothing on this island compares to Brooklyn. I have only a tiny handful of supposedly good places to hit before I officially rule Manhattan nonsense compared to Brooklyn and New Haven. Even Philly is comparable to Manhattan and it’s not even good. I guess you could do better within a twenty block radius, and so what. There’s still nothing special. You want world class pizza, skip Manhattan and go to Brooklyn. Perfect for Jets fans after a night of drunken talk about Joe Namath and how big that Super Bowl upset was fifty years ago In a nutshell, I can’t find any faults in this slice. And yet it’s still average.