Pizza Review
This is a very very cool bakery. They have first rate products. Everything on the menu sounded delicious… I’ve gotta go below the national average to keep it real on their pizza pie though. The pie was a grease topped 16” thin crust, but did have the right amount of cheese and sauce. I’m sure the pepperoni had something to do with some of the grease but we only ordered half pep and the opposite side of the pizza was the side affected and literally just to greasy to eat without being a big pussy and dabbling a napkin in it. 🐈 Which I did. 🐈And I hate doing. Heck; my arteries are probably too far gone to care but when I say it was greasy trust me. And I like greasy pies at times. The cheese was quality. The sour dough crust was very crunchy and tasty. All in all pretty good. Not great. Coulda been an 8.0110 … Oh, and be prepared, 💰💵💰… Maybe it’s the part of Pittsburgh it is in, but it’s a $26.00 pie (1/2 pep) and where I come from that size is no more than $16.00. Come to think of it, the radius seemed a little off as well. More like a 13.25”’er. But that could just be me…🤨😶🤐 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕