Pizza Review
Disappointing pizza review on this day. This is in the heart of downtown Tampa. I've seen more recommendations here in Clearwater and Indian Rocks Beach to check this place than most any other. 1. Dave ( from Barstool pizza reviews) was here in 2019 to review it and gave it a 7.1 and said Tampa is a dreary city and don't know better about what pizza is good! 2. The place is high tech with computer terminals to place your order. They have 8 ovens and dozens of different pies sitting in the display to choose from. 3. The slice is very large and the look and feel was impressive. Unfortunitely the sauce was the worst tasting I have had in a very long time. Need some sweetness or something? 4. A couple people on the one bite pizza app claim that since covid it went down hill. 5. My rating is 6.4