Pizza Review
Edison’s pizza is not for the faint of heart. No pizza is healthy for you, this pizza is REALLY not healthy for you. That said, it is delicious. After 10 years in Chicago and 5 in NYC, I’ve been pretty disappointed with the pizza offerings in the LAND - but Edison’s does it right, and I appreciate they are doing their own thing, not knocking off as an imitation of a different region or style. Toppings are beyond plentiful, the clarified butter + parmesan finishing touch on the crust is nice... all-around a solid pie. Pro tip: their wings are also extraordinary. Buffalo is what you’d expect; the BBQ is refreshingly excellent in world of “meh” BBQ sauces, and the Buff-a-Q blend is a nice change if you want a tweener to try something different. Great pie, great wings - no need to deviate. It’s worth the occasionally long wait times for pickups. I’ll wait an hour & have to go pick up high quality over the cardboard of chain & delivery offerings in the 216.