Pizza Review
I thought about this review and how I can support social distancing and get a pizza review in... This place brings the pizza to a fold out table in front or rear delivery is also available. To start, I did “win” a $50 gift card to ESB. Sweet, but let’s get on to why we are here, the pizza. The dough is great and cooked well. Signs of char on the bottom and a crispy crust are a great start. The cheese is fresh and it’s evident this place wants you to taste cheese because the severe lack of sauce. It’s there and spread so thinly that it’s missing in spots. There’s a fine balance of putting the right amount on without weighing the pizza down and ESB tried to play it safe. Overall this is great pizza and it’s unfortunate that I can’t give my take on the sauce but for what it is, I can appreciate. The 8 this place is averaging is high this experience left me scoring it at a 6.7