Pizza Review
Talk about terrible pizza places. First off the pizza which took a good 40 min to come out while we were waiting in the restaurant. The cheese had a good taste but it was clear they didn’t use enough sauce. They also claim to have the best crust in the game, the crust was often too crispy and hard to chew. The underbelly of the pizza was also very thin and had some sort of ashy material that would get all over your fingers. All in all it was a decent pizza. Next up the service. This was horrendous. I mean first, not one employee was wearing a mask. Also they were shouting. And worst of all it took over an hour for them to bring out the last part of our order. We ordered buffalo chicken tenders. Simple order right? Just put chicken in the fryer and then drizzle buffalo sauce on it. It took over an hour for them to make this for us. And then when they gave it to us THERE WAS NO BUFFALO SAICE. At this point we had enough. They even delivered it with blue cheese. Who eats regular chicken tenders with blue cheese? There was so much wrong with this restaurant and I don’t recommend ever eating here.