Pizza Review
Special Thursday review! Ended up rolling down to Fremont St to get at this one. Looked at some of the prior reviews both by the general public and Dave himself with a 5.9. General public was all over the place so we had kind of stayed away. But being the professionals that we are, decided that we would give it a go so you could make an informed decision. Thought the cheese was put on a little heavy but not bad. Sauce had a little something in it that definitely could not be noticed. The crust was a bit doughy for my specific tastes but not bad either. I think if it was a little thinner, this pie would have been in the mid 7s. Also tried the snake river slice which was a signature snake sausage pie. Speaking of snake sausage,.... I left something at Boyd's moms house the other night and it was not my virginity. She took that a long time ago. More on that next review. Thank you all and support your local small businesses.