Pizza Review
Disclaimer: Look at the picture of my pie and then watch Dave Portnoy’s review and tell me I didn’t get a bait and switch. My pizza looks horrific. I’ve never seen burnt cheese/sauce in the middle of a pie before in my life. Dave’s pizza looks fantastic, with fresh basil, and good crunch in every bite. All that being said, looks can be a little deceiving. Believe it or not, despite not getting their best efforts on this pie, it was still very good. I believe they use a sourdough, which is rather unique tasting and even causes a more doughy crust. It does however, lack any crisp whatsoever. The sauce is also pretty unique, not very sweet, a bit tangy, but very tasty. The cheese is a solid blend with a dusting of pecorino Romano to bring out even more flavor. It all works together to capture that quality and distinct Brooklyn/New York pizza taste. And for $30 a pie, it encapsulates NY prices. While 8.2 may seem a bit generous by the looks of this pie, I firmly believe they are capable of making a better pizza that could score in the 9s. I’d consider doing a re-review, but not for $30 a pie.