Pizza Review
I had higher hopes honestly. Even though I read that they make 26” pizzas I wasn’t aware that they ONLY make 26” pizzas. They do offer by the slice ordering though. That being said, I wanted a whole pie for leftovers. I guess 26” is a bit bigger than I imagined. Anyway, the sauce is the best part of this pizza; it has a nice tomato flavor without being just one note. I ordered my pie with pepperoni, sausage and banana peppers. Nobody says you have to only order plain, that’s the Prez’s arena. The meats were spicy, the crust had a fairly decent crunchy/chewy/burnt bits flavor but it wasn’t terribly flavorful, kinda dull. Because the pie is so big, the inner circle (about the size of a normal medium or large sized pizza) was all doughy/chewy mush. The “outer half ring” was much more pleasant with both soft and chewy bites spicy/tomato/cheese flavors mixed with some crunch. I had heard this is one of the best pizzas in Colorado Springs, maybe so but it’s not worthy of anything close to an 8.