Pizza Review
Established in 2018, this joint is fairly new to the pizza scene. I was hoping for a unique pie; but unfortunately, it’s just your run-of-the-mill, dime-a-dozen, cookie-cutter, soft & chewy, a little bigger than personal size, flash-cooked at 800°, Neapolitan style pizza. This fits the standard “Dave Portnoy 6.8 Neapolitan pizza” mold. The dough is too soft with the typical absence of crisp, a slight char and texture that’s par for the course. The fresh mozzarella is very good, pleasant-tasting with a little creaminess, basic Margherita mozz. However, the sauce falls flat, too light on quantity & quality. Lacking in flavor, the sauce is basically just a bunch of crushed tomatoes, in serious need of seasoning. The other Italian specialties look pretty good but this Margherita pie is nothing special. Maybe come for Sunday dinner but skip the pizza.