Pizza Review
All right, another quarantine review, this time we’re in freehold at Federici‘s. Been around since 1920s so they have to be doing something right. This pie is definitely the bar pie champion of the world. If you like bar pies then this is the Mecca. My taste is actually right down the middle between Football and pie bar pies. Meaning I like a nice thin crust with great cheese and equal parts sauce. That being said the crust on this pie is like a wafer. A tad bit too thin for my wheelhouse but it was excellent regardless. The cheese had phenomenal flavor. Unbelievable flavor out of the cheese. The sauce had a nice taste to it not overwhelming either way but a nice consistency. Cooked well done just the way I like it nice crispy edges some nice crispy cheese as well. This is definitely a hang out on the patio by the bar with beer in hand style pie. I’m not buying it for a football game because I have to buy 10 of them but for a nice chill out and pick on a slice type thing this is your winner for sure. 8.5 on the review.