Pizza Review
Having family in Freehold for over 30 years, I can't believe today was the first time I ever ate from here. Well, better late than never. Decided to gift the fam with a gift certificate since it's one of their favorite go-to establishments. While on the GS Parkway, about thirty minutes away, I called my lunch order in, along with the gift certificates. A very pleasant young lady let me know that it would be ready in about 15 minutes, and that I would be taken care of via curbside pickup. I had a feeling it would be ready prior to my arrival, which is totally okay because I find that the pizza tastes best after it's cooled off just a tad. That was exactly the case. Perfect temperature. Face wasn't burned off . Sauce: balanced; just enough; not too little/much Cheese: evenly melted and browned; very few bubbles, not greasy; makes a perfect teammate with the sauce and crust Crust and Undercarriage Unique, crispy, slightly flakey; it's almost like a toasted, flakey, cracker ; guarantee it's different and unique for every pie; "No two crusts are alike at Federici's," it's imperfect and that's what I loved about it; well-done just as I had asked; Thank you I drove an hour from Hudson County. This is Destination-Pizza. This is the real deal. My new standard. 9.1