Pizza Review
Okay, so this place has been around since the ‘40’s. It’s made it’s way from Downtown Gary, the Glen Park neighborhood and on down to the nearby shores of Lake Michigan in its current location in the Miller neighborhood. Saying this is the best pizza in Gary is a relative term. There isn’t much in Gary that’s highly rated, especially pizza. I know, I’ve eaten in practically every restaurant in the city. This pizza has for a long time been considered one of the best in this area of Indiana we refer to as the region. All in all it is a very solid pizza. Crust: Stone baked with homemade dough gives this pizza a thin crisp to the underside of the dough but still allows it be light and airy. Their thin crust pizza is slightly thicker than traditional thin crust pizza but it’s not dense by any means. Very good crisp to the edges and overall great flavor profile. Sauce: pretty traditional sauce that is a hint of sweet but very savory. Overall good distribution around the pizza. Cheese: fresh mozzarella. Nothing over the top but solid. Sausage: ground sausage again is always a plus for me. Very good here. Pictured is their spicy beef with ground sausage. Take away the added ingredients, and rating this on the basic components of a pizza, this one is always a front runner for what to eat in the region. Been eating here for years and one thing is always certain here, the pizza is ALWAYS served best in-house. Unless you live down the block from here, take out, delivery, etc, is out of the question. It just doesn’t eat the same. Bonus: Lake Perch here is always tip top.