Pizza Review
This is the 20th best pizzeria in Washington state on a website I found, same site as Mom and Pops, which was the best by far to this point, so here it goes. Not excited that their cheese pizza is a six cheese pizza with one of the cheeses being Gorgonzola. I like Gorgonzola on salads, not sure about pizza but let’s see. Right off the bat the Gorgonzola is too prominent and give the za a funky flavor. The dough isn’t aged but has the best crisp so far. It doesn’t taste like the used salt and has the consistency of French bread. The sauce tastes like plain canned tomatoes, no oregano or anything. I’m not a fan, sauce, strike one. Dough, strike two. Cheese, strike three. This is a toppings vessel and that’s all. 4.2 and I’m being generous.