Pizza Review
First review, not a pizza rookie! The Shack is a place I’ve been meaning to review ever since I discovered this amazing app. Had the spicy sauce, that I had today, has a good kick and some heat on the back end. It’s not oppressive, but adds a nice “how do you do”... the regular sauce has a nice garlic tang that one would expect from any quality homemade pizza sauce. The toppings are plentiful and the cheese, as the name of the Shack suggests, is never ending. Best part is that despite of the huge cheese pulls, it’s not greasy! Crust is flavourful and crisp and has a nice flop. Don’t admire it too long or you may lose a few toppings. Can’t recommend this place enough! I’ll review a deep dish next time, but needless to say ALL of my Chicago friends prefer The Shack’s deep dish over Giordanos and Lou Malnati’s... if you don’t know those names, delete the app. That’s the review.